What is OnRisk?

OnRisk develops enterprise software to serve the $800bn/yr global property & casualty (‘P&C’) commercial insurance and reinsurance (‘re|insurance’) industry. OnRisk’s initial placement solution allows brokers and buyers to visualize complex risks and to track their placement in global markets.


Who can become a subscriber to OnRisk?

OnRisk subscribers include insurance and reinsurance brokers, as well as buyers of insurance and reinsurance coverages.


How do I subscribe to OnRisk?

Any interested party can contact OnRisk using the contact information provided on this website to arrange a subscription.


Who owns any business data entered or imported into the OnRisk platform?

All business data is owned by you, the client. Your data ownership rights are fully protected by the OnRisk subscription agreement, which can be executed between OnRisk and your company. Any changes in the legal status of business data will require your prior approval.


What are the OnRisk operating hours?

OnRisk offers a cloud-based placement service that is available to its subscribers on a 7 x 24 basis. OnRisk technical support is available between 9 am and 8 pm Eastern Time (ET) on days when OnRisk offices are open.


Is OnRisk licensed as an insurance or reinsurance broker?

No. OnRisk offers software-as-a-service to brokers and buyers, and is not itself licensed as a broker.


Does OnRisk operate as an insurance exchange?

No. Each OnRisk subscriber maintains its own business data on the OnRisk platform, and is not connected in any way to other Subscribers.


When did OnRisk launch?

OnRisk launched the OnRisk platform in 2015 for initial, trial use by a group of interested beta clients.


Who owns OnRisk?

OnRisk is a privately-held corporation domiciled in the state of Delaware in the United States. OnRisk is owned principally by its founders.