OnRisk Presents at StartupBootCamp’s 2019 New York City FastTrack

On Thursday, August 22nd, OnRisk CEO, Frank Sweeney, delivered an insurtech presentation at StartupBootCamp’s 2019 New York City FastTrack Event held at Capgemini’s offices in Downtown Manhattan.  In his remarks introducing OnRisk, Mr. Sweeney provided an update on the startup’s progress over the past year; outlined the key benefits of visual risk structuring using the OnRisk platform; and illustrated how CAD-based technology can enable innovative forms of risk transfer and dynamic risk structuring.

The 2019 FastTrack Tour, sponsored by StartupBootCamp and the Hartford InsurTech Hub, and spanning events in 16 top insurtech ecosystems around the world, seeks to find and support the most talented insurtech startups globally, and connect these startups to leading industry experts, corporate partners, and investors.  OnRisk was one of 24 insurtech teams selected to participate in the New York event.

Image - SBC NYC FT Event (22 Aug 19).PNG