Why OnRisk


Placement 'Speed to Market'

Jigsaw Tower™ speeds up the placement process – bolstering a broker’s ability to respond rapidly to client needs, and meet policy renewal deadlines, even in challenging market conditions.

Shardable Risk Transfer

Innovative software tools facilitate the sharding of complex, high-value risks with minimal loss of trading efficiency; and provide unparalleled support for complex, one-to-many placements that require distribution to numerous carriers and placing brokers. These tools cut transaction costs – promoting greater risk diversification across global market participants.

Flexible, Dynamic Placement Structuring

Dynamic, flexible risk structuring tools enable a broker to optimize a risk solution for each client. Using Jigsaw Tower™, a broker can flexibly design feasible multi-coverage structures; perform convenient, side-by-side comparison of alternate or complementary risk strategies; and pivot quickly to new strategies in response to the changing market conditions.

Price Discovery

Jigsaw Tower™ supports a broker’s process for price discovery and verification, which translates into a stronger bargaining position on behalf of the client. Aided by ‘contextual’ pricing information, a broker can analyze and model pricing gradients for risk towers, and predict year-to-year pricing trends for coverage renewals.

Client Advisement Opportunities

Utilizing a platform database compiled from its own placement information, a broker can identify the carriers that write particular re|insurance coverages; and advise each client on how much limit should be purchased, and what the client should expect to pay for its desired coverages. These data resources can be further employed to formulate layering and pricing strategies for coverage towers needed to address large-line exposures.


Central Risk Repository

The OnRisk platform functions as a re|insurance buyer’s central data repository for its core risk-related information, including in-force coverages, paid premiums and buyer net exposures. With convenient, timely online access to its risk records, a buyer can continuously monitor its risk management programs, and make more informed re|insurance purchasing decisions.

Monitoring Financial Security & Credit Risk

Using Jigsaw Tower™, a re|insurance buyer can preview the creditworthiness of the carriers potentially utilized for a placement, and enforce corporate financial security controls when carriers are selected. The buyer can monitor financial security throughout the transaction cycle for in-force or runoff coverages.

Tracking Coverage Extent & Net Exposure

Jigsaw Tower™ tracks the extent of a re|insurance buyer’s in-force coverages, and highlights any outstanding coverage gaps. Using these capabilities, a buyer can monitor its net exposures throughout the policy year, and reassess prior coverage decisions as circumstances change (e.g., increasing exposures; changes in coverage availability/affordability; etc.).

Evaluation of Risk Management Strategies

Using the OnRisk platform, a re|insurance buyer or its broker can use Jigsaw Tower™ to formulate and compare diverse risk management strategies -- ranging from traditional re|insurance products to the latest capital market opportunities. By evaluating these alternative strategies, a buyer or broker can pivot rapidly to take advantage of dynamic market conditions.