OnRisk is an insurtech startup that provides a digital platform for structuring high-value property & casualty (P&C) risk, which arises from natural catastrophes, cyberthreats, terrorism, mass torts, credit defaults, and other major global exposures. High-value risk placements now rely on spreadsheets and other manual methods that are complicated and costly.

To ease these inefficiencies, the OnRisk cloud platform introduces visual reasoning, or ‘computer-aided risk design,’ into the risk structuring process. Working with a 2D CAD-style, graphical toolset, a risk professional can visualize and interact intuitively with each complex risk to facilitate the placement process and improve buyer outcomes. Industry adoption of sophisticated ‘computer-aided risk design’ tools will be foundational to the growth of dynamic risk structuring, where a buyer can monitor, and modify, its net risk position in real time, and will set the stage for the increased automation of back-office processes.

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